Shipping Methods for Spain and Portugal
Express Mail 24h
Arrives during the day
Coverage: National. Guaranteed delivery service on the next business day upon admission.
Destination all the peninsular territory (Spain, Portugal). Ceuta, Melilla, Andorra and Gibraltar on the second day
Express Mail 10h
Arrive before coffee
Coverage: Provincial capitals. Guaranteed delivery service before 10:00 the next day
workable to the one of its admission. Destination capitals of province and more than 500 towns.
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International Standard
Door to door cheaper service with European coverage.
Economical service designed for less urgent shipments, with optimal delivery times.
transit (delivery two and three days in the main EU countries). Monobulto shipping, traceability
online and international insurance included.
International Express
Door to door urgent air service with worldwide coverage.
Document and package delivery service anywhere in the world with optimal delivery times.
transit. Multi-fuel shipments, online traceability and standard insurance included.

(We only deliver within the European territory France (2D), Germany (3D)
Zone 2 Italy (3D), Belgium (3D), United Kingdom (3D), The Netherlands (3D), Luxembourg (3D)
Zone 3 Poland (4D), Czech Republic (4D), Denmark (4D), Hungary (4D), Switzerland (5D)
Zone 4 Sweden (4D), Ireland (4D), Slovakia (4D), Slovenia (5D), Romania (5D), Lithuania (5D), Latvia (5D), Estonia (6D), Finland
Zone 5 Croatia (3D), Serbia (4D), Norway (5D), Bulgaria (5D)
Zone 6 Greece (5D), Turkey (5D))
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Two attempts will be made to deliver the order.