Reception of merchandise and insurance

Check that the number of packages received matches the delivery note to be signed.

In the event of deterioration or breakage of the merchandise, the following situations can be found:

  1. Hidden damage: If there is no anomaly in the packages, when unpacking the products, you will find breakages, bumps or deterioration of the merchandise, take pictures of the package and its damaged contents and notify by email of its incidence, specifying the phrase "merchandise received with hidden damage inside "and photo of the delivery note number of the carrier to us in the email, before 48h.
  2. External visible damage: If you notice any anomaly in the packages such as breakages, bumps or deterioration, sign the delivery receipt describing the damage observed, specifying the phrase "the box number (say the box number) has irregularities", clarifying if It is broken, wet, with a hole ... Stay with a copy, take photos of the package and its deteriorated contents and communicate by email the incident and the photo of the delivery note of the carrier to us in the email, before from 48h.
  3. Merchandise manipulated or opened: If upon receiving your order you find that the merchandise has been tampered with or that the box has been opened, detail on the delivery note of the carrier "Missing merchandise" and take photos of the package and its contents and communicate by email the incidence and photo of the delivery note number of the carrier to us in the email, before 48h.

The insurance does not respond to claims not processed at this time or in this way.
Claims processed incorrectly or late will not be assumed by the contracted insurance company, and therefore the expenses will be at your expense.

Transportation expenses

The transport costs will be paid for the orders that at the professional price do not exceed:

  • Peninsula: € 125 net.
  • Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: € 225 net.
  • Canary Islands: € 450 net.

Way to pay

- The orders in peninsula of an amount inferior to 125 € at professional price, will be paid cash, with card, against reimbursement or previous transfer, not admitting fractionation. This amount does not include transport costs.
- Our invoices are protected by the management and control system of collections of RDIMPAGOS.

Subscription policy

- You can return the references you want as long as you send them to our address at Calle Carlos Paino, 16 - CP 28047, Madrid. Delivery time from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
- The shipping costs of returned products will be borne by you, and must always be paid postage with a list of the products returned inside the package.

- Tones or old references that no longer appear in the current color card or lots that have already been removed from our lists and before the health authorities will not be accepted.
- Foreign Cosmetics S.L. reserves the right to invoice the hours of work used in the classification and registration of those payments that due to their extension or other difficulties represent an excessive burden of time and dedication.

Retail prices

. The prices of PVP are calculated from the PVE, increasing a minimum of 40%, plus the corresponding tax.
- As a reference, the recommended public prices for base, gloss and enamel are € 8 + VAT. In the case of quick drying enamel would be 4.5 / 5 € VAT included.
- Place your orders at