Acrylic Monomer 30ml

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  • Latest technology, UV inhibitors (components that generate resistance and prevent the nails from yellowing over time, facilitating the adhesion of acrylic). It is slow evaporation, so it has higher performance. Average drying time according to climate, which allows to work comfortably and slowly. 1 minute hot 3 minutes cold. Nail extensions can be made with greater dedication to obtain a professional finish. MMA-free (Methyl Methacrylate), a potentially toxic component for the FDA. With the absence of this component the powder adheres better to the nail, avoiding excessive filing without damaging the natural nail and is easy to remove. In addition, it contains acrylic lubricant, ideal to handle the acrylic brush and helps keep your bristles in good condition.

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Acrylic Monomer 30ml

Acrylic Monomer 30ml

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